Useful alternatives to high fishing waders

In addition to high chest waders, which are useful but often very uncomfortable, some alternative solutions are very convenient for the sport fisherman. If you are interested in which ones, read on.

If you fly fish, you will be well acquainted with this situation: it is summer, the heat is strong, you would like to go fly fishing. You go out and head for the water, get your gear ready, the fish take different flies nicely, and you get dressed in long waders. You are then diligently tying your shoes, paying attention to the obstacles by the water so that you don’t get stuck on a thorn or maybe rub your expensive waders against the concrete.

Yes, the situation may be well known to many of you! In recent years, I’ve been lazy while dressing, and most of all, undressing these boots does not seem interesting to me at all. What do I have left, are there any alternatives?

The first option is to continue using this high waders. Of course, they are completely fine, especially when the water is higher or when I want to reach areas with deeper water. Not to mention the cold period of the year. But to be honest, there are fewer and fewer such situations. I don’t even like to go to the deep waters, and beside that, I find it important not to scare the fish unnecessarily. I rather approach them from the bank, make a longer cast, or simply leave those specimens that I judge to be unreachable – let them be tackled by a more experienced or daring fisherman.

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