What do you think about fish finders?

Many people think that the sonars we use to look for the fish are not really suitable. Another group of fishermen opposes them and say that the fish finders are a welcome aid. What do you think about the matter?

There are quite a lot of different sonars on the market with which we can inspect the bottom and find the fish. Some sonars are shaped like a sphere and can be shot by a pole. We connect the sonar with a smartphone and we see on the screen of the smartphone what is happening underwater.

These kinds of sonars will help you locate the fish, but they will also brief you about their size, for both small and large, and the number of fish, whether they are travelling alone or in schools. The best thing is that it signals you when it comes across a fish or a school so that you can start fishing for them.

The battery of the fish finder can operate for up to 10 hours and is rechargeable. The fish finder also comes with a GPS navigation system and offers weather reports to help you while fishing. With internal memory, you can save information such as weather, the temperature of the air, the size, species and the number of the fish you have caught.

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