F-fly in every fly box

F-fly is a world-renowned fly that has its origins in the western part of Slovenia, by the Soča river and its tributaries. F-fly is Fratnik fly, meaning the surname of its “inventor”, Marjan Fratnik, Slovenian fly fisherman. F-fly should be in every fly fisherman’s fly box due to several important reasons:

  • it is very easy to tie
  • its components are very affordable,
  • it imitates various insects (Caddis, mayflies, terrestrials, …),
  • it is made of the CDC which is one of the best natural materials for tying translucent wings,
  • it is deadly for grayling and trout as well.

There are many different possible ways how to tie this wonderful fly, but only one is an original. Take the hook, fix it in the vice, take black silk thread and make a few wraps around the shank of the hook. Take a nice CDC feather and pull out a chunk of fibres. Set them just behind the hook eye and fix them with a few turns of silk thread. That’s it! Originally, F-fly does not have a tail and body is made of silk thread only.



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