How to connect fly line and leader

How to connect fly line and a leader?

Certain fly lines that you buy in a fishing tackle shop have their own loop at the fly end. Some of them they simply do not have a loop. So how to attach the leader to the both of them?

In some cases you will need to perform a knot, in other there is no need for it. Let’s assume your fly line has a loop tail at the fly end. In this case you need a leader with a loop on the fat end and you only slip the mono leader through the fly line loop and you get a nice knotless connection. This is also called a handshake connection that should slide through the guides easily.

When you do not have the loop at the end of the fly line, you need to attach to it some kind of a braided tube with the loop at its end. You can find this stuff at your local fishing shop. If you can’t find this braided loop anywhere, you can make a loop by yourself. You only need a super glue and some kind of a strong tape.

Hope you liked this short article on attaching fly line to a leader. Tight lines!

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