Preparing for the Fly Fishing Season

Personally, I find the New Year’s post-partying period extremely boring and grim. It happens every single year that I get this F-type flu, which of coarse means the fly-fishing feaver that spreads rapidly between fishermen, peaking somewhere just before the new fly fishing season opening which usually occurs in April, somewhere even earlier, in March. All that time I do nothing but carefully watch water levels and tie flies. The rest of the gear must be already fully inspected and prepared by that time.

High-quality fly fishing gear usually costs us big bucks so its care and maintenance is of utmost importance. In my experience, choosing and buying new gear takes quite a lot of time (especially when shopping abroad!). In case you need something new it’ll definitely take a few weeks to arrive so it very much pays off to check your rods, reels, waders and wading boots already during the winter time or at latest in the beginning of February.

Things we should pay attention to

There is no need to prepare every piece of equipment you own already in January, just make sure you follow all the inspection steps for the gear you use in early spring. In particular, pay attention to your rods and reels you’ll be using. If you haven’t done it yet in the fall, roll-off all the line from the reel and wash it in mild soapy water. Examine the quality of the line’s final loop and check appropriate connectors. Get rid of old monofilament and don’t save money on a new one.

We should re-check waders and put them on a hanger to stretch out all the creases. You are adviced to do this more often during the winter so the folded areas do not weaken. Pay attention to suspenders and waist belt. Examine your wading boots, make sure that soil is intact and laces are firmly in place.

Clean up the accessories, buy yourself new strike indicators and re-fill fly dressing flask. Wash up landing net and, of course, tie or buy yourself a fair ammount of flies. In case you need to buy something new, do it slowly and wisely. Before buying something from your favourite brand, check the competition. Always talk to a friend and ask for a piece of advice. Before shopping do check several websites and web stores for prices because they vary quite a lot.

It may happen that I forgot something important. Please, post a comment and let us know what you think about the topic.

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