Flyfishing in Slovenia

»There is no fishing heaven on Earth, there are just heavenly seasons, magical moments on the water.«

As a flyfisherman you really have to love a country like Slovenia. It’s a small country, just a little larger than New Jersey, but it has so much to offer.

There are not many places where you can fish as good and nice as in Slovenia. Slovenia has a vibrant culture, a lot of rivers and lakes, perfect for fly fishing. Nowhere in the world can you experience so much variety of rivers and fish. In Slovenia we are very proud of the Marble trout (Trota Marmorata), which is the biggest Trout and is also the biggest challenge for flyfishermen. We are also proud of Hucho Hucho (Danubian salmon), which is the closest relative to the (Mongolian) Hucho taimen.

Marble Trout and Hucho Hucho are rare species, but to those who like great challenges they are a life catch. We are happy to offer you all this and much more, as e.g. fishing for wild fish. I see so many people travelling the globe in search for places with bigger and easier fish to catch. For some it sounds great, but me, I like to spend a lot of time in water, searching for rare fish (Marble trout, Danubian salmon) or wild fish.

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