Short guide through the districts of the RD Radovljica – the river Sava: from Rakovnik to the little stream just before the outflow of the Tržiška Bistrica

The district 4 (fishing family Radovljica)– spreads from Rakovnik to the little stream just before the confluence with the Tržiška Bistrica.There are two fishing regimes in this district and you decide upon one when you buy the fishing ticket.

The Sava in this  district  offers excellent conditions for more experienced fishermen, because the terrain in  not accessible by car in many places,  but its unspoiled nature and beautiful flow of the Sava  are worth of walking. Routes in the upper part of the fishing district from Rakovnik to the footbridge Fuxove brvi are regulated by walking on both banks of the Sava . Access to the footbridge Fuxove brvi (GPS: 46.32960210 14.18666371) 410m altitude, is also possible by car and the parking spaces are provided for.  From this part of the fishing district downstream to Globoko stretches the most dynamic area of the Sava with many rapids and pools with rocks (Canyon Kredar), concealing large trouts and huchens. This part is home to many natural trouts and graylings, many of them achieving enviable measures  and presenting  true trophies for the fishermen. This area is accessible only by foot, especially on the right bank where the promenade is made; the left bank is designed for  adventurers and fishermen with a lot of stamina.

The village  Globoko (GPS: 46.32170944 14.20802034) 420m altitude, can be reached by car; there are also parking places at the bridge over the river. From here you can explore on foot: upstream towards the footbridge Fuxovi brvi  or downstream towards Posavec, where after a mile you will see the railway crossing the river Sava.  In the vicinity of the railway bridge are very good grounds for fly fishing, accessible from the left bank of the Sava. After the bridge you can cross the river and along the right bank continue to fish until Posavec, which is again accessible by car and has many parking places. The left bank is excellent for  fishing of wild fish, but unfortunately less transient.

The district in the area Posavec (GPS: 46.31166878 14.23785417) 391m altitude,  is easily accessible and popular destination for all the fishermen, where the fly fishing competition of the  RD Radovljica, due to its rich fishlife,  took  place for several years in a row. From Posavec you can continue on foot or by car along both banks of the river to Podnart. You can also park in between (parking is only arranged on the left bank of the Sava one kilometer from the bridge ).

In Podnart  (GPS: 46.29290350 14.25888270) 376m altitude , there are several options for parking on both sides of the river.  The river here is easily accessible from the embankment before the bridge on the right bank. From the bridge in Podnart there is approximately 2 kilometers of the fishing district 4 left up to the border with the RD Tržič – in this area the  fishing is also possible in November.

The fishing in the district 4 is successful with similar artificial flies as in the district A.

Some suggestions for the fishermen:

– the fishing is the best when you use different imitations of  nymphs, especially for graylings and rainbow trouts
-streamers are suitable if you want to catch larger specimens of trouts

– the best time to fish with dry flies is the evening (pictures od reed and various smaller flies)

– the use of thinleader wires (from 0.08 to 0.14 mm)
– the French technique of fly fishing with nymphs turns out to be excellent
-the use of fly-fishing rods from # 2 to # 6
-high fly fishing boots that allow you to cross  the river

Between Posavec and Podnart when you turn off the road; the parking place along the road: (GPS: 46.30683373 14.25197650)

Between Posavec and Podnart when you turn off the road; the parking place along the Sava: (GPS: 46.30484000 14.25474522)


Learn some more about the district  A

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