Flyfishing at Tržiška Bistrica river

Tržiška Bistrica is inhibated with large number of wild fish, but at some places fish are also stocked. But anyway at more than 20 kilometre of the flyfishing section , you can find gorgeus brown trouts and wild rainbow trouts. Section of Tržiška Bistrica starts a little upper than canyon Dovžanova gorge. In canyon there is plenty of fish, but they are no as big as in Tržič town or lower part of Tržiška Bistrica river.

Flyfishing is a very exciting, espacially in the Tržič town where you can find a lot of smaller dams, just perfect for nimph fishing. But be careful, when low water fish can easily see you, so do not walk in front of the dam, but go around the dam and cast up to the rapids.

Tight lines

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