The meaning of the fly fishing and the fishing guide

Flyfishing is a way of fishing where fisherman can feel the connection which is between him and the nature law- fly and a fish. In the last decade, the so called C&R flyfishing has become very common. Which is ok, but there is a question which arrives from the reasonableness of fishing at all. Of course is for the flyfisherman biggest success catching a big fish, but there is no reason to catch a lot of fish. If we are honest, we should limmit our flyfishing, and only pointing our fies to a big fish as we want for a trophey or just taking a picture and release it. So flyfishing can be wonderful only then, when you do not harm the fish like in fish fever. We have abillity to choose the right moment for catching the big fish. In Slovenia we are proud, that we can offer you not just a big fish but also wild fish. This is what make flyfishermen better. It is not about flyfishing for massive stocky fish and catching them in the large numbers. Its about selected fishing for nice wild fish.

It is a guides job to take you to that rivers and hidden spots, where you can catch one of those fish.

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