What’s more important: a proper fly or good casting?

When fishing a demanding fish, which will not pick up as much as every artificial fly that is thrown at it before the muzzle, more details are of great importance. First of all, this is the right selection of fly fishing equipment, which must be free of errors. The leader must be thin and at the same time strong enough if we catch a larger fish, and the tippet must be from a fluorocarbon or a similar mono that is less visible to the fish.

We need to undertake fishing very carefully. Selective fish is usually also very scary, so we have to carefully select the angle from which we will throw our line. We take into account the position of the fish, the way of its feeding, the river flow and the shape of the banks. At the final stage, we have to choose the right artificial fly, because we do not have many repetitions. For scary fish, we usually have only one to three attempts, and then the fish will become nervous or even withdraw into shelter where it will be unavailable for us.

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