With fly rod through the gorge Iški vintgar – Fly fishing in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

Hello …

in my photo report below I would like to introduce you to a little river I have visited so many times before, with fly fishing rod in my hand and  had a unique experience every time-in any season.

I am talking about the river Iška in proximity of Ljubljana that runs through the district managed by the fishing family Barje. My report shows only  photos of the gorge Iški vintgar in summertime: itspicturesque settings and intact nature make it unforgettable. Crystal clear water that just wants you to drink itmarvelous pools and straits which hide timid little brown and rainbow trouts. But the surprises cannot be excluded: if you are patient enough, careful enough and  skilled enough the river can gift you with a fish of your dreams– as I have been rewarded with a male brown trout. You can see its picture at the end of the report.

For the perfect experience I recommend the use of short (8ft and shorter), light rod (#4 and less) as well as the use of thinner fishing lines (0,14 and less) because the watercourse itself and the fish in the river don’t allow the use of the heavier tools. But first of all do take your time to discover every hidden part of this secret jewel in peace.


Tight lines!

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